6 lb 8 oz. Largemouth Bass @ Lake Casitas, CA

6 lb 8 oz. Largemouth Bass @ Lake Casitas, CA

To contact Caveman Catching, please send an email to “cavemancatching at gmail dot com”. Or, leave a comment below.
If I don’t get back to you right away, it just means I’m out fishing. I will return your message as soon as I get back!
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  1. David white says:

       Fatherless Kids Fishing, is dedicated to strengthen our communities and family infrastructure, by encouraging and enabling the positive involvement of father-figures,big brothers, into the lives of our youth who are one step from juvenile detention centers! 

       We are a up an coming non profit organization! We will serve as a leader in the promotion of Responsible Big Brothers who also were fatherless growing up! We will closely mentor, and help tutor the youth! FKF plans to branch out to be international, national, and local focus to raise awareness about this constantly growing epidemic plaguing our youth in America! 

       We will do this through closely working with our school systems, local behaviour centers, benefit tournaments, fund raising events, innovative social marketing, multi media platforms, traditional communications, and product development!  We seek to expand the range of work in the fields of comprehensive and non traditional family services! And to replace the biological fathers back into their children’s lives.

       With our fishing program we provide one on one mentoring, as well as goals and accomplishments for the kids who without us wouldn’t have a chance to compete competitively in high school sports! For us to be able to equip these kids with the proper tools of the trade, and support, we ask for sponsors for tackle, rods, reels, clothing, safety equipment, and all the necessities they will need! Without the help we won’t be able to provide all they need! We ask for donations and to pay for the gas, hotel stays during tournaments, food, and anything else we will encounter during the tournaments! 

       For more information about the Fatherless kids Fishing please contact us at our email

    Cell# 256-445-0457

    Fax# 256-685-2914

    • CavemanCatching says:

      Having been raised by a single working mom, and being an only child, I had to crate my own fishing adventures as a kid. Wish there was an organization like yours around in my youth. Good on ya!

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