Net Disadvantage

It was a very weird evening, last night. Found myself free to hit the waters of Lake Sherwood for a few hours just after sunset. But, it didn’t take long for anticipation to give way to aggravation.

Tried some topwater for no love. Then, first cast with a Rattlin Vibe, I tied into a complete monster. Her first run nearly pulled me in. Then, she tried wrapping me on two different boat props and a dock post. I finally got her to the net, and she wouldn’t fit. My net is 18″×19″, and pretty deep. But, I couldn’t get that tank into the net. Then, I finally had her head-in about halfway, but she flipped herself out. I got her going in a second time, but she got the second treble hook caught in the net and flipped herself free of the net and the hooks, and was gone. I let out a scream that was probably heard as far away as Lake Okeechobee. From the looks of her, she would have definitely been my best of 2020, and likely my PB … by far! My arms were so tired, I had to take a 10 minute break … yeah, she was that big and strong.

4.5 pounder on a Yo-Zuri Pins Minnow

I later had a 5-6 pounder shake free just as I grabbed the net. Then, I hooked a fish-eating bird (safely released). To boot, I must have whiffed on a dozen hooksets. Despite being “one of those days”, I still ended up with 7 fish, including this 4.5 pounder. It was all about rattles, Pins Minnows, and Senkos.
Most of all, I need to get back out there and find that fish, again!

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