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REVIEW: Yo-Zuri 3DB Crankbaits
Yo-Zuri 3DB Crankbaits

Earlier this year, Yo-Zuri introduced their 3DB Series of lures. A new, innovative, mid-priced line of baits that includes topwater pencils, poppers, and props; suspending shads and jerkbaits; their signature minnow profiles; and three types of crankbaits (shallow squarebills, mid-diving, and deep-diving). While I was able to get my hands on several of these various offerings, today we are focusing on the cranks.

All three crankbait versions of the bait feature the patented Yo-Zuri Wave-Motion Rib design that sends out an enticing vibration that hits the fish’s lateral line and helps produce crushing instinctual hits; an “injured red eye” that allows gamefish to key in on a distressed baitfish; a strong, wide, wobbly action to induce hard reaction bites; and sticky round-bend black nickel treble hooks to make sure the fish stays buttoned up. Yo-Zuri 3DB BassHowever, what is truly new and exciting about these lures are the patent-pending Internal Prism 3D patterns. The 3D prism creates flash and movement as the bait vacillates through the water. It also allows Yo-Zuri’s designers to come up with some very deep, three dimensional, realistic patterns that the fish just can’t seem to resist.

The real question is, “do they catch fish?”. In a word … YES! My first day out on the water with them was just a couple weeks before Spring. The pre-spawn bite hadn’t kicked in yet and the fishing was very tough. No one around me was managing much of anything. On just my 3rd cast with the Mid Crank (4-8 feet) in the Prism Bluegill pattern, it was like I hit a brick wall when this 4 pound-class beast inhaled the bait. My very next cast produced a 3.5 pounder. I ended the day with 5 fish landed on the lure … no one else could get more than a singleton.

When Spring finally rolled around, I went to the Square Crank (2-4 feet) and found, both, the Prism Bluegill and Prism Crawfish patterns very useful on the shallow feeding fish. Especially when bounced off of rocks, pilings, laydowns, and other structure.

Yo-Zuri 3DB SeriesIn Summer, when the fish went down to find cooler water, the Deep Crank (8-16 feet) in the Prism Bluegill and the Prism Shad were the hot ticket. Allowing me to find those deeper fish, and pull up some very nice ones, when others were struggling to even manage a bite.

Every 3DB bait I pulled out of the box was tuned perfectly and wasn’t in need of a hook exchange. Add in the durable internal finishes of the 3D prisms, the multiple bite-inducing features, the fresh look to wary fish, and the wallet-friendly price point (I’ve seen them online for under $9) and you can see why Yo-Zuri should have another winner on it’s hands … and you should have some of these in your arsenal.

MSRP – $9.99

Cave Club Rating: 5 Clubs
Cave ClubCave ClubCave ClubCave ClubCave Club

Cave Club Scale
5 Clubs = The Missing Link
4 Clubs = Rock Solid
3 Clubs = Better Than Sharp Stick
2 Clubs = Not Fully Evolved
1 Club = Should Be Extinct

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