Finding Fifteen

Between work, the holidays, and the Cavekids’ baseball and softball teams, I haven’t had time to even look at my rods … much less use them. So, when I found myself with a few spare hours, you know where I was headed!
When I arrived at Lake Sherwood, it was clear skies, 86°, fair breeze, and stained water from an algae bloom. I began throwing reaction and topwater baits to no avail. Then, I started pitching a T-rigged Gambler Baby Bacon Rind under some docked boats, and immediately put three fish on the dock, including this 4 pounder.


I scooted down to another dock and began skipping a 5″ Malibu-rigged Kinami Flash under boats moored on the  opposite dock and tagged two more: a fat young prespawn filly, and this 4+ stager.


Lost a nice 5+ because I didn’t check for frays (don’t worry, I’ve chastised myself appropriately). Instead of walking back to my tackle bag, which I had left behind on the first dock, to re-tie I decided to start flipping a jig, adorned with a Gambler BB Cricket, around. After nailing a couple of bedding bucks, I started working the dock I was on. I swung the jig underneath and got hammered by this 4 pound-class spawned out sow.


After a couple more jig fish, I returned to skipping the Kinami. In short order, I was able to pull out five fish from three adjacent boats, including these three 4+ piggies.




I ended the day with 15 fish, a 20+ five-best sack, and a pretty good sunburn after forgetting my sunscreen (again, I have chastised myself, accordingly). Not a bad way to get back in the swing of things.

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