Relighting The Fire

My friend, neighbor, and co-coach of the Caveboy’s baseball team, Sean, is a firefighter currently on medical leave. As a result, he has been suffering from a severe case of cabin fever. So, I suggested we go hit up Lake Sherwood for a few hours of getting our lines wet. While he thoroughly enjoys fishing, it had been a few years since he had gotten out on the water, and had only caught one Bass his entire life. Needless to say, he was an eager Beaver to relight the fishing fire!

We arrived to clear skies, a slight breeze, 83° air temps, and gin clear water that had ticked down a few degrees from the Summer peak. I suggested that he start out with a 297 Senko … a staple of fishing on this lake. It didn’t take long for Sean to yell out “I’m on!”. Unfortunately, he didn’t quite put enough “oomph” in his hookset, and the fish came unbuttoned about halfway home. That didn’t deter him one bit as he said, “Whoa! That was a big one!! I need to do that again!!”

A few minutes later, he was on again. But, again, had the same unsatisfying result. Meanwhile, I couldn’t get a bite on any of the soft plastics I was throwing. With the wind up slightly, I moved over to the next dock and tied on a Yo-Zuri Sashimi Suspending Jerkbait in my favorite pattern: Skeleton Perch. It only took two casts before that decision paid off. After giving it several jerks, I felt a faint tick on the pause, and set the hook on a nice 4 pound beast. Regrettably, during the fight, the second treble hook embedded itself into the fish and nicked an artery. 3 Pound Bass So, I quickly unhooked her and got her back in the water with no photographic evidence. Though, I did yell over to Sean and hoisted her into the air to show him, just as he was hoisting up his first landed fish (a nice 3 pounder) for me to see.

On two of the next three casts, I nailed two more fish in the 2.5 pound range. So, I told Sean to come over to my dock, which had more casting room, and had him tie on a Yo-Zuri Rattl’n Vibe in their Gold Back/Orange Belly pattern. After a couple of casts, his rod suddenly went bendo, and went to war with this nice 3+ pound chunk.

The action died down, so we moved to another area of operation. As we made our move, I discovered that the humble fireman was actually personally responsible for saving several homes during the huge fire we had in Thousand Oaks this past Spring … despite being off duty, having no equipment at his disposal other than a garden hose, and facing fierce flames being fanned by 50-60 MPH winds. 3 Pounder Who knew I was fishing with a real hero?!?

I ended up getting a 2 pounder on a Persuader Double Buzz, and another on a T-rigged Roboworm. We decided it was time to call “last cast”. As usual, that worked beautifully, as we both hooked up on our final cast. His came in a bit on the small size, so he quickly released it and snapped this pic of my 3 pound classer.

The best past of the day was seeing the smile on Sean’s face as we left, and the joy in his voice as he kept repeating, “That was too much fun!”. I promised him that we would be doing this again soon. Especially since he has another month of free time on his hands … oh, darn!

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