2013 ICAST Eye Catcher: Flip In The Bird Mike Long Signature Series

Being the fortunate Neanderthal I am, at ICAST 2013 I was able to see many of the new products the fishing industry has in store for us anglers in the near future. The “ICAST Eye Catcher” series features many of the most innovative and interesting of those new offerings. So, for those of you who couldn’t attend, enjoy!

Flip In The Bird Lure Co.
Last year, the folks at Flip In The Bird Lure Co. made a big splash with their namesake lure. Invented by former San Francisco 49er Super Bowl champ Sam Kennedy, the Flip In The Bird was designed to imitate one of the favorite meals of big bass … birds! This year, they have signed on monster bass catching legend Mike Long for a signature series version of the lure that includes a small, removable plastic popper which gives the bait an inviting popping sound and additional splash to call in those finicky giants. In fact, their so sure that you’ll catch bigger fish with any of their fowl-feigning lures, they offer a 100% money back guarantee: it works, or they’ll refund your money! Available in 9 different color patterns. Currently taking pre-orders for the Mike Long Signature Series. MSRP $11.99

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