2013 ICAST Eye Catcher: Castaic Lynch Mob

Being the fortunate Neanderthal I am, at ICAST 2013 I was able to see many of the new products the fishing industry has in store for us anglers in the near future. The “ICAST Eye Catcher” series features many of the most innovative and interesting of those new offerings. So, for those of you who couldn’t attend, enjoy!

Castaic Lynch Mob
From their big-fish busting swimbaits to their ground-breaking umbrella rigs, Castaic has earned a reputation for making lures that attract vast amounts of hefty fish. Their latest entry in the A-rig domain should be no different. The Lynch Mob joins their weedless Charlie’s Walker Rig and fluorocarbon InvisiRig as a different approach to the theory behind the umbrella rig phenomenon. Just rig it up with a couple of Jerky J’s, or the small to medium swimmie of your choice, and you are ready to go. No huge sticks and heavy line necessary … just use your standard gear. Plus, it is fishing-law friendly in states that have a limit on the number of hooked baits you can throw at a time, and it allows you to be a bit more stealthy when casting to skittish fish. Castaic says there will be two sizes available when it debuts in early 2014 (Though, they haven’t told us what those sizes will be). MSRP $7.99

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