2013 ICAST Eye Catcher: Yo-Zuri 3DB Baits

Being the fortunate Neanderthal I am, at ICAST 2013 I was able to see many of the new products the fishing industry has in store for us anglers in the near future. The “ICAST Eye Catcher” series features many of the most innovative and interesting of those new offerings. So, for those of you who couldn’t attend, enjoy!

Yo-Zuri 3DB Baits
While Yo-Zuri certainly made a big splash at ICAST with their new Sashimi Craw, it wasn’t their only new creation that drew our attention. Yo-Zuri’s new series of 3DB Baits will offer anglers an inviting line of ground-breaking hard baits at consumer level prices. Their widely acclaimed Wave-Motion Vibration ribs are paired with their newly patented 3D Internal Prism technology along with natural patterns and body shapes; lifelike details on the gills, fins, scales; and large injured/dying “Redeye” fish eyes to induce instant reaction bites through lateral-line enticing vibrations and realistic flash and visuals. Yo-Zuri didn’t skimp on the hardware either with Black Nickel split rings, Round Bend Nickel Hooks, and durable Mylar tail feathers (on appropriate models). The 3DB line will be available in Suspending Shad, Pencil, Prop, Popper, Minnow, Suspending Jerkbait, Square Crank, Mid Crank, and Deep Crank versions. Best of all, they put these at a price point that should appeal to most anglers when they arrive in tackle shops this Fall. MSRP $9.99

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