2013 ICAST Eye Catcher: LIVETARGET BaitBall Series

Being the fortunate Neanderthal I am, at ICAST 2013 I was able to see many of the new products the fishing industry has in store for us anglers in the near future. The “ICAST Eye Catcher” series features many of the most innovative and interesting of those new offerings. So, for those of you who couldn’t attend, enjoy!

LIVETARGET BaitBall Series
For the past three years, LIVETARGET lures have earned ICAST Best Of Show honors (Soft Lure in 2010 and 2011, Hard Lure in 2012). Now, you can make it four years in a row! That’s right … the new Koppers LIVETARGET BaitBall Series took home the 2013 award in the Hard Lure category. It’s easy to see why. Taking a page from the concepts behind the hugely successful Alabama Rig, the groundbreaking design of these lures (poppers, jerkbaits, and crankbaits) is actually based on the way baitfish “ball up” when being pursued by predators. With LIVETARGETS notoriety for making incredibly realistic lures, it’s no surprise that the appearance of the baitfish contained in each lure is truly lifelike. Having not fished the lure yet, we can’t speak to it’s action … but, LIVETARGET has a great reputation with that, as well. Expect four patterns to start, including Pearl/Grey, Pearl/Bronze, Pearl/Blue/Chartreuse, and Metallic/Green (not shown), and a release date before the end of the year. MSRP $16.99

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