Kid Fish

After returning Wednesday night from an 8-day Hawaiian family vacation where the fishing wasn’t as good as I had hoped (a report will be forthcoming on that soon), I was more than ready to get my line wet in local waters with the possibilities of more desirable results. Better yet, both my kids were eager to go … especially the Caveboy, who was gung-ho to get his first buzzbait fish. We hit Lake Sherwood about an hour before sunset under clear skies, 80° air temps, warm and slightly stained water, and no breeze to speak of.

I set up my son with a Persuader Double Buzzer and the Cavegirl started with a Gambler Lures Ace in Watermelon Red. They both encountered some minor problems early on that required my attention. So, I didn’t get started for a bit. But, once they were settled in, I started with a variety of topwater offerings that weren’t drawing any interest. Just as I went to tie on a Yo-Zuri Sashimi Popper in Chameleon Baby Bass, my youngest starts screaming, “Daddy! Daddy!! I’ve got one!!!”. I turned just in time to see a 4+ pound fatty take flight and spit the hook. Unfortunately, she didn’t realize how hard she needed to set the hook. Yet, she was undeterred: “I want to do that again!”, she said with a huge grin on her face.

4 Pound Lake Sherwood BassA few minutes later, I hear a huge explosion to my right. I look over, just as the Caveboy is exclaiming, “What the heck was that?!?!?”. After I told him that it was the beauty of buzzbait fishing, I asked him if he tried to set the hook too early, to which he replied, “Don’t worry, Dad. I remember what you taught me … just keep reeling until you feel the line get heavy, then set it hard. He just missed it. But, that was cool!!!”. Needless to say, I was filled with pride by the attitudes of my two young farmers. 😉

I finally tossed my popper out as far as I could. After the ripples had dissipated, I gave it a couple of twitches and the bait immediately got swirled on. I let it sit for about 10 seconds and gave it a small twitch … KaBOOOOOM! I got a huge explosion, followed by a prodigious battle, by this 4 pound beast. I was going to just release her, but my little girl insisted upon taking a picture. Not too bad of a shot … she must have her photog mother’s eye.

2 Pound Lake Sherwood BassThe Cavegirl got several more hit’s on her bait but was unable to connect on any of them. In the meantime, the Caveboy got a couple more blowups and had nearly the same reaction of surprise and joy he had with the first explosion. I kept at it with the popper until just before dark and got one more to attack it – this 2 pounder that the photographer’s daughter insisted on documenting.

We decided to move over to a nearby dock and make a few more casts before calling it a night. I geared up the Cavegirl with a 4″ Senko in Smoke with Black and Purple Flake, while the Caveboy continued his buzzbait quest. I didn’t get to my first cast before I heard a familiar cry, “Daddy! Daddy!! I got one!!!”. This time, the Cavegirl had lowered the boom hard and she battled this 3 pound class fish completely on her own until it came time to lip her, the honor of which she bestowed upon me. Her brother then valiantly 3 Pound Lake Sherwood Bassoffered to hold it for her so that we could get a picture of her conquest. She later agreed that holding her own fish was a part of the sport she was going to have to work on. 😉

I switched over to a Gambler Ace in Xmas and was able to get another feisty 3 pounder (no pic) before we decided to head to a local taqueria for shrimp quesadillas and carnitas tacos prior to making tracks for home. Even though, the Caveboy was skunked, he is so ready to go again to nail his first buzz-bass, and the Cavegirl is feeling like she now knows how to set the hook on all those fish she missed. Looks like it’s going to be a “kid fish” summer … oh, darn! 😉

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