Technique Testing

It had been months since fellow UFC fishing fanatic Jeremy “JR” Rodda had hit the water with me. In fact, fishing sessions had come way too far and in between for him, as he informed me on our way to Lake Sherwood that he had only two fish to his name in Sherwood Bass2013! With mostly sunny skies, 10-15 mph winds, and warm clear water, we hoped to increase that number significantly. I also hoped to do some more tinkering with a new finesse presentation I’ve been working on. Though, with the gusty winds, I thought it wise to put it on the shelf at first.

It didn’t take long for me to get on the board as my first cast with a Yo-Zuri Rattlin’ Vibe in Ghost Shad enticed a chunky 2.5 pounder as I ripped the bait through some grass. However, the fear of the “First Cast Curse” soon reared it’s ugly head as neither of us could get bit for the next 30 minutes. After vainly trying several different baits, I opted for the new presentation. On the second cast with it, I felt the slightest of taps as my line went limp. I quickly reeled down and set the hook on this nice 3 pound class fish.

Shortly after the release, JR tossed a spinnerbait and slow rolled it right along the tullie line. BAM! He got absolutely hammered by this JR's Sherwood Bassnice 2.75 pounder. While I was able to get one more small keeper on the new rig, JR went down to the docks to get a couple of 3 pounders on a Senko … he had now more than doubled his fish total for the year. 😉

We couldn’t manage any more bites, and with sunset quickly approaching, we opted to head to another part of the lake that featured a nice feeding flat for sundowner Bass. I started throwing a buzzbait and immediately had a monstrous blow-up with no connection. That was all that JR needed to start throwing a popper. Soon we were both getting hammered right and left by 2-3 pound fish and continued with this hot topwater bite until it completely got dark. Then, the bite absolutely shut down. Couldn’t manage to get bit on anything we were throwing. That’s when I decided to see if the new technique could work at night, as well. I changed over to a darker low-light-friendly color and started tossing it around. After a few casts, I nailed a nice 2.5 pounder, followed by a 4-5 pounder that got me hung up on a submerged buoy line (after several attempts to let the fish swim out I had to pop the line to save the fish).

Caveman's Sherwood BassWith time running short, I retied and moved over to another spot near an unused boat ramp and began spanking several fish. I was getting very excited about this new technique, when “JR” showed up out of the darkness and said it was time to wrap it up. I called last cast and started to tell him of the great results this new presentation was getting when my bait was suddenly inhaled. BOOM! I set the hook and began a protracted battle against this 3.5 pound brawler that made several line peeling runs under the dock. Fortunately, the 6 pound test Yo-Zuri Hybrid held up like a champ and JR was able to snap this pic before we called it a night.

We ended our 4 hour session with 19 fish between us, 7 of which came on this new technique. Now, I’m going to have to take it elsewhere to make sure it has a more universal appeal. But, if it does, this could be a killer new way to put some nice fish in the boat come tourney time. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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