Castaic Pre-Fish

3.5 Pound Castaic Lake BassWith our National Bass West team tournament coming up on Saturday, my partner Jeff “Fishin’ Man” Grossman and I decided to hit Castaic Lake for a little pre-fish action. We were one of the first out on the water under mostly cloudy skies (burned off around noon), a 7-10 MPH breeze that was with us all day, and mostly clear water that ranged from 59° on the main lake to 63° in the coves.

With the wind and overcast, we both tried several different reaction baits, to start. Jeff got some blow-ups on a jerkbait while I got two huge noncommittal followers on a swimbait. Finally, after missing a blow-up a short time before, I got a small keeper that broke the ice on a top-water pencil bait. It didn’t take long for Jeff to follow up with this nice 3.5+ pounder on a jig.

3 Pound Castaic Lake BassOnce the darker conditions of the morning wore off, we started fishing small plastic baits and began slamming fish. Most were in the 2 pound range before I was able to nail a nice 3+ pound fish along a cove bank. Unfortunately, it was gut hooked, and after utilizing the “gut-hook trick” she required a quick release – so, no pic.

When we got to the back of that cove we saw our first bedding fish of the day. We both took our shots at it and were about to give up. But, first, I picked up a rod with a Gambler BB Cricket on a Cave Custom jighead and finally got this stout 3 pound-class bed-guard to inhale it. After a quick tussle, we posed for this pic and then went our separate ways.

We got one more spawning fish and then spent the rest of our day whacking the 2+ pounders on small soft plastics. We ended the day with well over 20 fish between us and stopped counting after 16. Our best 5 came in at a respectable 14.5 pounds … not bad considering that the day before, a big tourney was won with about 13.5 pounds. If we can recreate some of the magic we found, we might be able to have a good finish come Saturday. We’ll see!

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