Biting The Snake Back

My big Bass buddy, Mark “Chief” Torrez, and I decided that the last afternoon/evening of January would be a good time to extract some revenge from Lake Sherwood. After all, the last time he was there he wore the stripe. While my last Sherwood excursion found me “snake bit” as out of the 6 fish I had on the line, I could only manage to land two – Two spit the hook, one broke the hook, and one broke the line … all 4 to 5 pounders, and all right at the bank.
4+ Pound Largemouth BassWe couldn’t have asked for a nicer Winter’s day: sunny, 79°, slight breeze, and water temps that were still cold but on the rise. Chief got things going with a wacky rigged Senko that enticed 3 dock fish in the 2-3 pound range. I missed one bite on the split shot and couldn’t manage any other love until seconds after sunset. I placed a Malibu-rigged Mad Melon Kinami flash into a small cut at the edge of a tulie line. After one little twitch the line went tight and I reared back on this battling 4+ pounder.
A return cast after the pic & release nailed another one around 3 pounds. Shortly thereafter, Chief got a nice 3 pounder hanging under a dredger on a crankbait. I added another small one pounder at the point of another tulie bed, before Chief joined me and nailed another 2+ pounder on his Senko. I ended the session with an amorous 2 pounder and a chunky 2.75 pounder.
We each ended up getting our limits, both right around 12.5 pounds. Though, our best five combined would have approached 16 pounds! Best of all, we got to enjoy the sweet taste of revenge – which, for me, had the distinct flavor of snake. 😉

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