Winter Withdrawals (From The Bank)

It had been a while since I had fished with my Bassin’ buddy Mark “Chief” Torrez. So, the other day, we got our lines wet together for the first time in 2013 when we hit up Lake Sherwood for some shoreline action. It was clear, sunny, 75°, and just a slight breeze. In other words, typical So Cal weather in January … NOT! 😆

WInter Withdrawls (From The Bank)Despite the nice uptick in temps, the water was quite cold and clear. Which usually makes it a very difficult proposition to try and make some LMB withdrawals from the bank. But, being the 12-step fishing-addict-program dropouts that we are, we didn’t care. We threw everything from traps to spoons, jigs to split-shots, and jerkbaits to chatterbaits but couldn’t find even a bump to show us that there were indeed fish in the area. Finally, after nearly an hour of pounding the area, I flung the new Gambler Fat Ace in Watermelon Red, Malibu-rigged of course, to the edge of some tullies. Not only got a soft tap, but a complete pick-up, hook-set, and meet-n-greet from this healthy 3-pound class fish.

We spent another 45 minutes working the entire area of shoreline and docks but couldn’t entice any other interest. We moved to another portion of the lake and began the same process all over again. The bite was, again, nearly non-existent. Save for a lone 12″ dink I got on a split-shot Roboworm. Unfortunately for Chief (or, possibly fortunately, since it was getting butt-cold), he had to head to his monthly meeting of the Ventura County Bass Club shortly after sunset. Though, he was just happy to have gotten out on the water for the first time in the New Year. So, I escorted him back to his truck and returned to the lake to make a few more casts.

I switched up to a Fat Ace in my favorite after-dark color, X-mas. Launching it out to a buoy that was indicating a submerged hump was the ticket as the bait got slammed before beginning my retrieve. It ended up being a great fight from another 3-pound classer. Two more cookie-cutters came off that same spot before the action subsided.

LMB on a Gambler Ace in X-masWith my hands beginning to numb up from the temps that, by now, had dropped about 30°, I decided to give one more nearby spot a quick try before calling it. I downsized to the original Gambler Ace in the same color and, on the first flip to a tullie covered point, felt a fish deftly inhale the lure. Driving the hook home induced a nice battle from this 4-pound class Largemouth.

The fact that I now had a five fish limit was a major factor in deciding that perhaps the numbness, that had now spread to my feet, was probably a sign to get in the truck and head home with the heat set on “HIGH”. Though, I vowed to come better prepared for the elements the next time I’m looking to make some more Winter withdrawals.

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2 Responses to Winter Withdrawals (From The Bank)

  1. conseen1 says:

    Good job on getting the cold one to bit.
    Makes me won’t to get out there. Like the blog.

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