Surf Fishing Sycamore Canyon

Sycamore Canyon Cove

Sycamore Canyon Cove

The whole Cave clan spent this past weekend with some other Neanderthal-like families for some tent camping at beautiful Sycamore Canyon Cove. We had an absolute blast the entire time jamming on guitars and drums, eating great food, playing at the beach, hiking, and even celebrating a 7 year-old’s birthday with a Pirate Party.

Of course, I couldn’t get that close to fish-infested waters without getting my line wet. So, on Saturday morning, just after a camp breakfast of eggs and bacon, I headed down to the surf-line to see what I could manage. Conditions were sunny, 80°, warm water, slight breeze, and no sea salad. I started out casting some hardbaits and got a couple of bumps, but nothing would stick. I switched over to some grubs and then some fish crack (aka Gulp! Sandworms in Camo) and kept getting hits from fish that were just too small to hook.

In the meantime, I noticed that the beach was just littered with Sandcrabs. After switching back to a hardbait, I managed to snag a couple of perfect nickel-sized Sandies. The light bulb over my head instantly lit up: match the hatch! I let one go and put the other on the Carolina-rigged pole. I flung it out in front of some submerged rocks and, as it settled to the bottom, my pole suddenly went BENDO! Got a nice little battle from this 12″ Barred Surf Perch slab.
Barred Surf Perch

Dug up one more Sandcrab and ended up getting slammed but couldn’t connect on the hookset. Had to head back to the campsite at that point. But, it’s always great to get something on the line … it was just another fun moment during a phenomenal weekend!

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