Just Jerkin’ Around

Yo-Zuri Popper BassYesterday, I had the opportunity to fish Lake Sherwood solo for the first time in nearly two years (though, I had fished it with my buddy JR several times during that span). I arrived an hour before sunset to find breezy conditions, clear skies, and temps in the mid-70’s. The area I started in had some stained water from the winds, while the rest of the lake seemed pretty clear. I already had a Yo-Zuri Sashimi Popper in Baby Bass tied on and decided to start with that. On my second cast, it got completely blown up and battled this stout 1.5 pounder through the grass, which the 10-pound Yo-Zuri Hybrid line handled with ease. This also ended up being my smallest fish on the day.

4 Pound Yo-Zuri Sashimi SUspending Jerkbait BassI couldn’t get anymore love on the topwater, even though I also tried a pencil walker and a buzzbait. With the stained and choppy water, I decided a jerkbait might be the ticket. So, I opened up a brand new Yo-Zuri Sashimi suspending Jerkbait in Chameleon Skeleton Perch – my first time using this lure. Again, on the second cast, I got absolutely hammered! I could tell right away that this was a better class of fish. Sure enough, after a fierce battle in the grass and tulies, this four pounder (a good sized fish for Sherwood) finally gave in for a quick meet-and-greet. Don’t you just love when a new bait works out?!?! 😉 It would turn out to be the best offering of the day!

4-Pound Class Gambler Ace BassAfter a few more fruitless casts, I decided to switch up baits again and went with a Gambler Ace in Xmas. I Malibu-rigged it on my Big Bear worm rod and tossed it to the outside edge of some tulies. This time, the first cast was the charm as I felt the slightest of pick-ups on the ultra-sensitive rod. I reeled down and reared back … BOOM! I hooked into this jumping 4-pound class LMB that ripped off five huge jumps in short order before digging in for a tough battle.

4 Pound Cave Custom Booyah Boogie Bait BassI tried the Ace a few more times and came to the conclusion that I had found a pattern … one fish per bait! 😆 So, I picked up a Cave Custom Booyah Boogie Bait and heaved it out there. I also went back to the “second cast” pattern as my rod went completely bendo after just two cranks of the handle. BAM! Yet another four pounder had inhaled it and dove deep into the grass. Fortunately, I had 12-pound Hybrid on this rod and had no fears that it wouldn’t hold up as I dragged this beast through the salad. This bait might have also broken the “one fish” pattern if I didn’t farm the hookset on the next cast after releasing this beauty.

3+ Pound Yo-Zuri Sashimi Suspending Jerkbait BassI moved down the bank to another spot and began with all of my topwater baits, but couldn’t manage any interest. I picked up the suspending jerkbait once again and got slammed about halfway home. This fish fought like a 5+ pounder, but turned out to be “only” a 3+ pounder covered in about two pounds of grass and weeds. 😆 Two casts later, I also was able to nail a two-and-a-half pounder, and was starting to see a nice pattern developing.

As I was casting the jerkbait, I saw my first real surface action as some baitfish were getting chased to the top. I quickly switched out rods to one with an Ima Skimmer on it and casted beyond the boil and started walking it back. 3+ Pound Ima Skimmer Bass As the lure neared the surface ruckus the water erupted as my offering got pulled down by a hungry predator. You can tell the Fall bite is making these fish ravenous and frisky as each fish seemed to battle harder than the next. This 3+ pounder was no exception, as I expected a much bigger fish based on the explosion and fight!

Things seemed to die down after that. So, I made a quick move to the front side of the lake as light began to dim. When I got to the spot, I grabbed the Yo-Zuri Sashimi Suspending Jerkbait and immediately got slammed by a 3.5 pounder. I didn’t have time to grab a pic because light was fading and I wanted to see if I could get a flurry going. Seemed to be the right choice as I quickly nailed four more fish in quick order. 3 Pound Cave Custom Booyah Boogie Bait Bass All were in the 4-pound class except for one that was nearly a fiver. Though, that fish had choked down the lure making it time consuming to extract, and I wanted to be sure to safely release the fish, so no pic.

Usually, after dark at Sherwood means a hot bite. But that proved not to be the case yesterday. I managed one more (this 3 pounder) on the Cave Custom Booyah Boogie, and two more on the Gambler Ace in Xmas – both in the two pound range. Rather than grind it out for another hour or two, I decided to call it a day and leave with a 15 fish total, a huge smile on my face, and a favorite new lure in my arsenal.

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