Two! Two!! Two Reports In One!!!

JR's 3+ PounderSince I’m a couple of days late putting in the first report, and the second one is a quickie, it just feels right to be combining these two reports into one post. First, on Tuesday, UFC stalwart Jeremy “JR” Rodda and I went to Lake Sherwood for three hours of fun (and frustration for me). It was a warm but comfortable afternoon with mostly sunny skies; a fair breeze; and clear, cooler water. We both started out next to each other with topwater plugs in hand. JR was flinging a Zara Spook, and I had a Yo-Zuri Sashimi Pencil going. On his second cast, JR got hammered just 15 feet from shore when this stout 3+ pounder exploded on his lure.

A few minutes later, JR had moved down the bank and switched over to a spinnerbait that got him another fish that could have been the first one’s twin. Unfortunately, he was too far away to get a picture. Meanwhile, I couldn’t manage a thing on any of the topwater offerings I had thrown. So, I switched to a buzzbait, and on the first attempt I got a huge blow-up that completely missed the hook and the stinger, as well. On the next cast, the same exact thing happened! Errrrrrrrrrrr!! 👿 It didn’t get much better from there, as I hooked up on a nice fish with a Yo-Zuri Sashimi Popper only to have it come unbuttoned halfway home. In fact, I ended up getting 9 topwater takers and didn’t get a single one to shore. Can you say, “Farmer!”?!?

Caveman's 3+ PounderFinally, with time running out and darkness setting in, I started casting my new secret post-sunset Senko color and got a nice 2 pound skunk-buster (no pic). After the release, I called “Last cast!” and flung the Malibu-rigged stick bait in the other direction, right to a dock post. After a couple twitches I felt a nice pick-up and swung hard. FARM! Yep, my 10th miss of the session!! 👿 I just couldn’t end it like that, and asked my fishing partner for a mulligan which he graciously agreed to. I put the bait in the exact same place. After another couple of twitches: Tick. Tick. BOOM! This time, the hookset was true and I got to pose with my own 3+ pounder.

While all this was going on, JR had managed two more fish on the Spook, giving him a solid 4 fish sack. While I limped home with two fish … all caught in the last three casts. Still, as usual, we had a great time out there.

Needless to say, I had a buzzbait jones that needed to be satisfied. So, when I had a couple of free hours today, I shot out to Westlake for a quick session under hazy skies; 88° temps; and flat, gin-clear water. Four casts in, my buzzer gets totally detonated … and, again, couldn’t get the fish to find the hook! The, about ten minutes later, it happens again!! What the hay?!?!? Finally, I switched to an Ima Skimmer and managed a two pound torpedo. He choked down the bait so far, by the time I could get him unhooked, I had to pass on a photo op to get him safely released.

The rest of the time was fruitless, save for another missed blow up on the buzzbait (what else is new?). For my last 15 minutes I decided to pitch a Gambler Ace in Lunker Candy at some docks. Caveman's 5.5 PounderAs I approached, I couldn’t see into the water because of the glare, but I noticed something waking near the bank. I flipped it 10 feet past and then worked it into the spot. Suddenly, I saw a huge swirl near my bait but felt nothing … then, my line started moving towards deeper water. I quickly reeled down and swung the Big Bear worm rod like a lumberjack at the Woodsmen’s Days Championship. Hook up! I battled this 5-5 beast into submission and ended my day with a huge smile. I finally felt like an angler, once again, after my frustrating week as an agriculturist.

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