In The Meantime …

Buzzbait Bass While still in the process of putting together the pictures and details of the Troutastic Labor Day weekend the Cavekids and I enjoyed, I have to share the quick session I had today. In fact, it was catching all those Trout that really wet my appetite for a big Bass explosion. Combine that with the tropical, humid, cloudy, drizzly day (ie. “Bassin’ Weather”) we had today and I just had to get on the water … even if it was only for 75 minutes.
Quite often, when these conditions are present, a great topwater bite opportunity exists in So Cal. So, I headed over to Westlake where it was 82° and absolutely windless at 4:30pm. I spent the first 70 minutes throwing numerous types to topwater baits, and then began shooting the docks with Senkos and Gambler Aces – all with not so much as a bump.
With my time window running out, I headed over to the next point and decided to begin with a buzzbait. On the very first cast, as it churned across the point, my lure got completely blown up! I kept reeling until the line fully loaded up and then drove the hook home … BOOM!! Besides the big explosions, I love topwater bites because I think the fish also fight harder … and this 3.75 pound chunk did just that with several jumps and some dogged runs before giving in to being lipped, limned, and let go.
Had to reluctantly call it a day right there. I’m sure the bite was just about to get epic. Oh well, maybe next time! 😉

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1 Response to In The Meantime …

  1. Danny Barker says:

    Gotta love that TopWater BOOM !!

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