Success At Sunset

Cavekids Fishing The Sunset BiteTook the Cavekids out for the sunset bite at Westlake yesterday. It was a beautiful evening with air temps around 80°, clear skies, and very slight breeze. Water temps were still quite warm, and it was gin-clear from all the Blue Stoning they’ve done this summer … which has also really killed the bite.
I got them set up with Malibu-rigged Gambler Ace stick worms – his was Green Pumpkin, while hers was Watermelon Red. Meanwhile, I threw some topwaters including a Persuader Double Buzzbait and a Yo-Zuri Sashimi Pencil. I couldn’t manage any action, though I did see a fish waking behind the Yo-Zuri – just couldn’t entice a strike. The Cavegirl couldn’t get any love on her end, but the Caveboy got several non-committal bumps.
Caveboy's Bass
After unsuccessfully switching over to a chatterbait, and then a jerkbait, I finally decided to join the crowd and threw a Gambler Ace in Lane Toad onto my Big Bear worm rod, Malibu-rigged of course, and flung a perfect “dinnertime, dinnertime, din-din dinnertime” cast behind a docked boat. On the sink, my line started moving faster, indicating a pick-up. I leaned back … BOOM … and put the hammer down on a fish that instantly peeled off line in an effort to get back under the dock. After stopping that initial run, I handed off the rod to the Caveboy who endured several jumps and another run before landing this strong 3.5 pound battler.
Cavegirl's BassAs darkness set in, we were all trying hard for one more fish. The Caveboy came close when a nice fish undressed his plastic worm as he missed on the hookset. The miss also put a wind-knot into his line at the end of the rod. As he tried to unravel it, he said, “Hey, Dad! Throw your bait over by that boat … I just missed one there and I’m all knotted up!!” I don’t know if I was more proud that he sounded like a seasoned pro, or that he was willing to give up his shot at a fish he had located so that one of us could get it. Either way, I took him up on his offer and on the first flip with a Gambler Ace in Xmas to the shallow-docked boat, I got a good tap but no follow through. So, I reeled in and flipped right back to the same spot. Immediately, the bait got thumped again. However, this time, the fish started running with it. BAM … I set the hook on a feisty 2 pound classer. I called the Cavegirl over who took the reins and landed the keeper pictured here, as she screamed with delight, “I caught a fish! I caught a fish!!” She wasn’t comfortable holding said fish solo, so her brother gladly stepped in for the assist.
We called it a night then and there, reliving and rejoicing in the day’s success all the way home. What a perfect night!

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6 Responses to Success At Sunset

  1. LEO JONES says:

    We enjoyed your story. Proud the cave kids can do so well with their fishing!

    • CavemanCatching says:

      Thanks! They’ve been a couple of fishing savants since the age of 3 … I think it’s in their blood!! 😉

  2. dbbasser says:

    Great bonding session Cave Clan !!

  3. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait .. …

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