Yo-Zuri Goodies

Yo-Zuri Goodies
Just received my first haul since joining the Yo-Zuri pro staff! Can’t wait to get my new toys on the water!!
(Top Row L to R) Rattl’n Vibe (Bass), Sashimi Deep Crank (Chameleon Bluegill & Chameleon Gizzard Shad), Sashimi Mid Crank (Chameleon Bluegill), Sashimi Popper (Chameleon Baby Bass), Sashimi Mid Crank (Chameleon Gizzard Shad), Sashimi Shallow Crank (Chameleon Baby Bass & Chameleon Ghost Shad), Rattl’n Vibe (Ghost Bluegill).
(Bottom Row L to R) Sashimi Pencil FW (Chameleon Ghost Shad & Chameleon Shad), Yo-Zuri Hybrid Line (20# Clear, 12# Smoke, 8# Camo Green), Suspending Crystal Minnow (Hologram Rainbow Trout), Sashimi Jerkbait FW Suspending (Chameleon Skeleton Perch & Chameleon Shad).

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