Variety Is The Spice!

Spinnerbait BassYes, I’m a little tardy in getting this report out. But, between a crazy work week and the nutty summer schedule of the Cavekids, this is the first chance I’ve had to write it up. Now that the excuses are out of the way, the story:

Monday, fellow UFCer Jeremy “JR” Rodda wanted to hit up Sherwood for some afternoon/evening Bassin’. Who was I to say “No”? So, we headed over there at 3:30pm under sunny skies, 87° air temps, and a moderate breeze. Since there was a nice chop on the water, I decided to start with a white War Eagle spinnerbait. As soon as my first cast hit the water, the line went tight. BOOM! Fish on … and I didn’t even have to turn the reel handle!! As you can see, he wasn’t a monster. Yet, he still battled like a pig, trying to wrap me up in the weeds, but the 10 pound Yo-Zuri Hybrid held up like a champ! It was a heck of a way to start the day … so long as the “first cast curse” wasn’t in effect. Fortunately, it wasn’t!Senko Bass

After a few more fruitless casts with the spinnerbait the wind began to die down, so I switched over to a 5″ Senko in a new color I have been experimenting with (sorry, not letting that cat out of the bag, yet). I worked the area a bit before casting to the tip of a point formed by some tullies. After a couple of twitches I could feel the tentative pick-up on the Big Bear spinning rod. BAM! I set the hook on this nice 4 pound classer who tried to dive back into the cover. However, the rod was more than up to the task of keeping her turned for an eventual meet and greet.

JR's Senko BassAs I was releasing my catch, I noticed a good looking fish duck behind some shoreline rocks. I told JR to work his wacky-rigged Senko into the spot. He deftly pitched his bait a couple of yards past the spot and slowly worked it into position. He doodle danced it a couple of times, when suddenly his rod went BENDO! He had to battle both the rocks and the weeds before he was able to lip another 4 pound class fish.

A few feet down the bank from that spot looked prime for a spinnerbait … especially since the wind was picking up again. I grabbed the War Eagle and, again, on the first cast I found some love. True, I had to crank the handle several times on this cast. Spinnerbait Bass #2 But, that just meant that I got to really feel the crushing blow this 2.5 pounder put on the lure.

I decided to move down to the docks with the worm rod and see what I could dig up there. The first cast, I skipped the new-colored Senko under a pontoon boat and got picked up on the sink by a nice three pounder. I followed that up with two more clone fish on the next two casts. Meanwhile, Jeremy started pounding them pretty good flipping his Senko between boats. I managed two more 2 pounders long casting from the end of the dock out to a small island before I headed back to my original spot to throw an Ima Skimmer into the now growing shadows. On the first cast with the topwater lure I scored another 2.5 pound battler, and then missed one on the very next cast.

Ima Skimmer BassSuddenly, we were surrounded by boaters and swimmers that were making a ruckus and the bite turned off. So, we headed to another portion of the lake. I decided to continue with the Ima and was immediately rewarded on the first cast with this 3+ pounder who absolutely exploded on the bait.

I nailed two more on the same bait (and had several other blow-ups), and then scored the dozen-maker on a Kinami Flash in Mad Melon, before it started getting dark. I switched over to my Cave Custom Midnight Rider popper and got a couple of explosions that missed the hook before this nearly three pound brute hit pay dirt. Midnight Rider Bass I was able to manage one more on the popper (along with a few other swings and misses) before giving yet another lure a try … my beloved buzzbait!

I tied on a Booyah clacker in black and immediately scored my smallest fish of the day – an overachieving 1.5 pounder. I kept at it and was rewarded with 3 more four pound class fish (no pics as my camera battery died), the last one on what I had declared “last cast”. But, as I made it back to my gear to start packing up, there was a huge eruption just 20 feet from shore. Instinct took over as I had to, of course, make one more cast to that spot. I tossed the buzzbait several yards past the boil and began working it back. Just as it got past the explosion point my bait got completely annihilated by my biggest fish of the day … a fat 4.5 pound beast.

It’s hard to leave the fish biting, but we had to head out at that point. The final total was 8 fish for JR, 19 for me (including a sack over 20 pounds). Best of all, I was able to score fish on a variety of baits and techniques, which always spices things up just a bit!

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