Call Of The Wildlife

When I got a call from fellow UFC fishing fanatic Mark “Chief” Torrez to see if I wanted to go out for a late night ninja session, I was raring to go like Michael Phelps in the starting blocks (inserting gratuitous Olympic analogy here). Since I hadn’t been on a ninja adventure in a while, and Chief had been having a very tough week – and it wasn’t even halfway through yet, it sounded like a great idea.Bat
We headed to one of our local spots and started working the area hard. The fishing was tough, but I had managed a couple of bumps, when suddenly there was something on my line. However, it wasn’t a fish! It was a bat!! He wasn’t hooked … just wrapped in the line. We finally got the little critter untangled and after a few seconds to catch his breath, he was gone.
It wasn’t long before nature took another shot at me. As I casted from the bank, out of the darkness an Owl suddenly appeared and was headed right for my dome. I ducked just in time, and shooed the dive bomber away. It was enough to give Chief a much needed laugh, as he said “What is it with you and the wildlife out here?”.
Well, I wasn’t through … and neither were the varmints. It didn’t seem long before I startled a Blue Heron who was unhappy about me invading his fishing hole. He screamed and flew straight at me! Now, I was beginning to get a little paranoid as Chief again got a good chuckle at my expense. “Seems like I can attract just about anything … except a BASS!”, I mused.
2.5 Pound Largemouth Bass on a Big Bear Worm RodWe moved to another area and I began throwing a buzzbait. On the third cast, my bait got sucked down about halfway home, but the fish missed both the main hook and the stinger. On the next cast, a fish blew up on it right next to the bank, but whiffed, too. This got Chief going with a buzzbait (his favorite), who induced one big blow up that came up empty, as well. We just couldn’t connect.
Finally, I was slowwwwwwwwww fishing a Senko on my Big Bear worm rod near a rock pile and finally managed this 2.5 pounder. I missed two other smaller models on the hookset, while Chief was able to snag a Carp on a spoon. That was it.
We called it a night, having had a great time … it’s always great to get out there with Chief. Best of all, I think it helped get his head clear and definitely gave him some good laughs. Now, I just need to figure out how to call in the fish like I do with the rest of the wildlife! 😉

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