One Is NOT The Loneliest Number

6 Pound 4 Ounce Largemouth BassAfter creating the Midnight Rider popper, I just had to go out for the sunset/evening bite to give it a try at one of my favorite ninja fishing spots. Unfortunately, they have been Blue Stoning the heck out of that body of water, lately, which has given the fish an extreme case of lockjaw. In fact, I didn’t see or hear any fish crashing the banks in pursuit of an easy meal, which I usually do at this locale. While my new topwater creation did get one nice blowup just after dark, neither it nor any of some 14 other baits could manage any other interest.
I decided to try one more area before I surrendered to the impending smell of skunk. The popper couldn’t raise any fish up, so I tied on my Cave Custom Booyah Boogie Bait. On my third cast with it, it gets slammed by a freight train coming right at me! I quickly took up the slack produced by the massive hit and set the hook. The beast immediately stripped off 20′ of the Yo-Zuri 12 pound test and headed under a dock. The line held up as she tried to saw me off, then she came out and vainly tried to shake the lure free. After a protracted battle, I finally got her to shore and threw her on the scale … 6 pounds 4 ounces!
After a few more futile casts, I called it a night and headed back to the cave. I got into the Cavemobile, turned on the radio, and was immediately greeted by the Three Dog Night classic “One Is The Loneliest Number”. 😆 They, obviously, never went Bass fishing!

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