Lost And Found

When I wrote my last post, “From Heartbreak To Heavyweight“, I did not realize that, in my haste to leave, I had left one of my favorite spinning combos behind. In fact, I didn’t discover my brain fart until several days later.
Yesterday, I decided to take a chance and put up a couple of “Lost/Reward” posters at the area where I had left it. With one of the Caveboy’s weekday baseball games coming up, I knew I would only have about 20 minutes of playtime once I had taped them up. So, I grabbed some pliers, my scale, and one pole tied up with a spinnerbait – something I have been working with lately for the first time in my Bass fishing career.
After securing the first of two posters, I made my way down the bank toward the second hanging place and spotted a huge female about 30-40 feet out when she rolled her belly up while dancing with her mate on the bed. I made note of the spot and quickly headed back to it after completing my inauspicious task. Sure enough, they were still rolling around, making their presence obvious even though I had no way of seeing their bed from that distance.
I started running the spinnerbait through their area of operation. I burned it, hopped it, slow-rolled it, dragged it … but they were far more interested in each other than they were in my offering. Since it was my only option I knew I had to try something different to try and induce a strike from this big momma. I decided to piss her off! I began running my bait directly into her.
The first few times didn’t seem to phase her one bit. But, the fourth time she seemed to take a little swipe at it as it nudged her flank. The fifth time, she took a definitive strike at it, but only grabbed the blades. The sixth time … she inhaled it! BOOM!! My rod immediately went bendo and she quickly came up to try and shake herself free – I could see she was even bigger than I thought.
When I finally got her to the bank and got a lip-lock on her I started shaking. I instantly knew that my first spinnerbait fish ever was going to be close to a personal best (PB) Bass. I put her on the digi-scale, which finally settled in at 8 pounds 4 ounces. A 5 ounce upgrade from my previous PB! (Can’t imagine what she would have weighed if I had gotten to her before she dropped her eggs). As excited as I was, I was also so bummed that I didn’t have my usual camera/mini-tripod to take a self portrait with my prized catch. So, I took out the phone camera, stretched both arms out as far as I could, and barely managed to get her into the frame.
8 Pound 4 Ounce Largemouth Bass

I quickly released her back to complete her reproductive duties, and sat there for several minutes with a huge smile on my face. When I finally stopped shaking, I realized it was time to head home to grab my son, my coach’s jersey, and make tracks for the game.
However, the story doesn’t end there. Soon after arriving home from our team’s victory (Caveboy went 2 for 3 with 3 RBI) I get a phone call on my cell. The guy who had found my rod saw the poster and was very eager to return my beloved combo! What a day!!

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