Momma Always Said, It Pays To Be Nice!

Bedding Male Largemouth Bass It’s one of those old axioms that actually is true most of the time. And, it certainly proved it’s validity last night. But, I am getting ahead of myself here as this is kind of a combination report.
Last Friday, and again yesterday, I got to hit Westlake for an hour and a half of bed hunting. The weather has finally stabilized and the fish have definitely been moving up. Friday I found numerous beds with males waiting for some company that never seemed to show. Yet, they were still very willing to defend their lairs. I ended up catching 11 cookie-cutters like this 4 pound classer. Custom Cave Jig
But, by yesterday, there were plenty of beds that were double occupied. Unfortunately, the big females were very skittish and easily spooked. Plus, I didn’t have the time to really let them settle once I had nailed the male. I ended up with another 7 boy-Bass.
That’s the good news. The great news was that I also got to give my new Custom Cave Jig a real go. The results were even better than I expected! I had hoped that it would be a great “enticement bait” for bed fishing, before turning to the “fulfillment bait”. But, this thing turned out to be great for both! Many times I had the fish nail it almost instantly after it made it’s way into their nest. And, when I couldn’t get them to bite the bait, it certainly was sufficient to rile them up enough so that they would quickly hit the follow up offering. Ah … but, once again, I digress!
Even though my results of the last two sessions were not bad, I really wanted to give those big girlies another go when I wasn’t rushed. So, I headed back to the lake after dinner last night for the late bite. Just as I arrived and unburdened myself from all the equipment I was sporting, I heard the voice of opportunity behind me. “Hey! You want to go out on the boat?!?” Turns out, it was the voice of Chris, a guy I had run into at the lake a couple of weeks ago who was docking his boat after a fruitless fishing expedition. As he watched the Cavegirl and I hook a couple of fish while he was securing his vessel, he asked how we were doing so well when he couldn’t manage even a nibble. I gave him some advice and even gave him one of the baits we were using and, in return, he offered to take me out on his boat sometime. Last night, my good deed was certainly repaid in spades! Chris' Big Bass
We headed out and went to fish a bank that I knew was loaded with beds and some of the plus-sized ladies. Unfortunately, between the breeze and fading light, bed fishing was nearly impossible. But, we began blind casting the bank. On one of his first casts, Chris hooks into a very nice fish. But, halfway home she came unbuttoned. He had another one do the same and missed another on the hook-set, which made my fishing-fanatic partner understandably frustrated. However, it wasn’t long before he hooked into another stout one that was a 4 3/4 pounder! He released that one before I could get a picture, but I didn’t have to wait long before I got to snap one of him holding another identical fish. After that, we decided to go for a change of scenery and headed to an area I could only dream about fishing before stepping on to his boat.

Though I had had a couple of fish swirl on my offerings, I couldn’t manage a bump. 5 Pound 8 Ounce Largemouth Bass After chucking all sorts of different baits, I switched to something similar to what Chris had been getting bit on, a Senko in the old familiar 297 pattern … Malibu rigged, of course. I flung it to a spot I have always wanted to cast to, and finally could thanks to my new boating friend. I worked the bait slightly before I felt a faint little tap. I let it fall, and then suddenly my line quickly began moving towards deeper water. I reared back … BAM! Big fish on!! After several drag pulling runs and a couple of dives under the boat, Chris was able to net this 5-8 beast for me.

4-15 Largemouth Bass We set up our drift on the same bank again. Chris nailed another one in the 3.5 pound class (no pic). Soon after, I got another light tap followed by a pick-up. I reeled down and leaned back … BOOM! Another fatty on the line!! The fight wasn’t as sustained as the last one, but good nonetheless. When it was all said and done, Chris netted another one for me that came in just a tick under 5 pounds. I think the smile says it all!

We had a few more bites, but couldn’t connect. Still, in our short time on the water we managed to put together a nearly 22 1/2 pound sack! And, I think we are both very eager to get out there together again soon. Best part is, I got a great “Karma Rebate” just for being a friendly fisherman. I might just have to be even nicer in the future! 😉

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