It seemed very logical. Several days of warmer Spring-like weather, combined with a big full moon (no butt jokes, please) the night before, should mean “the spawn is on”! So with another warm day on tap (low 80’s), mostly clear skies, and manageable winds I just had to head out to Westlake to see if any of the local Bass were ready for the “Horizontal Bop” (apologies to Bob Seger). 😉
As I hit the bank I didn’t see anything to indicate that my optimistic scenario was going to work out. But, just as I put my equipment down, I saw a nice sized pair that had been struck by Cupid’s arrow. Trouble was, they saw me, too! So, I decided to move down the bank a bit and throw a Yo-Zuri Rattl’n Vibe for any pre-staging fish while I let the spooked fish settle. Third cast I get totally whacked but couldn’t connect, and couldn’t manage any more interest. So, I grabbed a couple of rods rigged for my “Piss-Em-Off” bed fishing technique and went cruising down the bank. I only saw two other sets of paired-up fish, but they were just getting acquainted and weren’t locked onto the beds yet.
I headed back to my initial pair and worked a nail-head worm onto the bed. Both fish went nose up on the bait, flared up, and started doing their circles around the bait. I gave them several looks at the lure and then pulled the old switcheroo on them by dragging a drop-shot Basstrix Baby Bass onto the bed. Both showed immediate interest, though the male quickly went nose up, hovered, then sucked it in. BAM … Fish on! Even though he was rubbing me up against a ledge edge, the 8 pound Yo-Zuri Hybrid held up perfectly and I was able to lip this 4 pound classer.
4 Pound Bedding Bass

After the picture session, I walked down the bank a bit to release him so that I could get a shot at his noticeably larger girlfriend. I returned, retied, and recast the same bait back at her while she sat solo on the bed. She immediately bit the bait by the tail and tore it off the hook. We both watched as it slowly floated to the top like a dead minnow. I quickly grabbed a Curly Tail Roboworm, hooked it on the drop-shot, and got it onto the bed. I only had to dance it there for about 10 seconds or so when she decided to inhale the invader. BOOM! A big fight ensued, with her working me down the bank a bit before I could get her ashore for a “meet & greet”. This fat momma came in at 5-10 and will definitely cull one out of my Top 5 for 2012!
5-10 Bedding Female

As I released her, I turned around to find several people had gathered to watch the fight and the fish on their balconies … never had a gallery before! 😆 Since I hadn’t found any other bedders in the area, I moved to another part of the lake and found another young couple in the throes of courtship. I worked them for a bit but couldn’t get them to take a real interest in my offerings. With no other lovers in the area, I fruitlessly tried for another reaction bite, and then a Senko for no love. Time was running out, so I headed back to the spawners. I finally got them to rile up with the nail-head worm and then switched to the Basstrix. To my surprise, the female went nose-up on it, and then … WHAM! This 4 pound classer went under the docks and worked me pretty hard before I put a lip-lock on her.
4 Pound Bedding Female

I called it a day, and headed home happy that my hopes where somewhat satisfied today, and excited that they will likely be very satisfied in the near future … if the weather holds!

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