Rattle Shad Sow

I went to Westlake yesterday to pick up our fishing passes for 2012 and decided “since I was there ….” 😆 Spent a couple hours tossing everything I had with me and couldn’t manage a bump. I moved over to an area with a submerged channel running through it and started tossing a BPS XPS Rattle Shad. On my first cast, just as I got it near the bank, my bait scared up some very small fry. It was the first sign of fish life I had seen to that point and it gave me some confidence that I might be in the right area – after all, smaller fish usually mean bigger fish are nearby. I started casting the bait toward some abandoned docks when suddenly … WHAM! BIG fish on!!
This four pounder battled more like a 6 or 7, but stay hooked long enough for a lip, pic and weigh. So much for the “Friday The 13th” bulltwinkie! 😀 After the release, I had to call it a day. But, with new passes in hand now, I’ll be back very soon!
4 Pounder slammed a BPS Rattle Shad

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