From Skunker To Lunker

Went fishing for the last time in 2011 on Friday and had one of my few skunk sessions of the year, Though, I did catch this awesome sunset.
Awesome Sunset

With the bitter taste of Pepe Le Pew in my mouth, I wasn’t going to sit around and let that smell permeate my New Year for long. So, yesterday afternoon, I purchased my new license on the DFG website and headed back out to Westlake to extract my revenge. Things weren’t looking good … I didn’t get even the slightest bump for the first two hours. Then, while fishing a Senko in DB’s favorite flavor (297), I got my first tap and lowered the boom! WHAMO … my first fish of 2012:
First Fish of 2012

A little while later, while throwing a rattler, I nailed another nice little chunker:
Another Chunker

And, just after dark, I went back to the 297 for one more fatty:
One More On The Senko

All three were right in the 3 pound range, and all had been strapping on the feedbag lately … a very good sign for things to come. I also farmed a nice fish on the hookset. All in all, a great start to 2012!

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