There’s A New PB In The House

Bass fishing this summer has been a very tough proposition in So Cal. There have been several one-fish and no-fish days and nights. Even my last two sessions, a Ninja mission with Mark “Chief” Torrez and a daytime quickie with the Caveboy, ended up being covered with the smell of skunk. So, when I headed out for a solo sunset session to Westlake tonight, I didn’t have very high expectations. But, man, was I in for a HUGE surprise!
I decided to go back to the area that my son and I had unsuccessfully tried the other day since we had seen some nice sized fish. When I got to the area, a nice guy named Eric was already working it. But, he was gracious enough to let me fish the area, too. (By the way, I hope you do join our band of fishing fanatics at the UFC, Eric. You’ll fit right in!). I started with a custom Cave Buzz and got a follower, but no love. The same with a Spro Bronze Eye Frog. Finally, I removed the stripe when I nailed this chunky 2.5 pounder on a 297 Senko (recently sent to my by UFC mod Danny Barker … you rock, DB!) with the tail tip dipped in chartreuse/garlic Spike-It.
2.5 Pound Bass

A short time later, I flipped the same bait into the same area and picked up another fat 2+ pound battler.
2+ Pound Bass

After moving down the bank about 50 yards, I was twitching the bait back after a “dinnertime” cast to some docked boats. Halfway home, I felt the bait get picked up and didn’t have to wait long for the line to load up. WHAM! I set the hook on this 4+ pounder that made several dives for the tulles. But, the 8 pound test Yo-Zuri Hybrid held up perfectly as I dragged her through the reeds for a quick meet and greet.
4+ Pound Bass

I spent the next hour working the Senko and a Cave-customized Booyah Boogie bait, but couldn’t find any players. So, I tied on my go-to bait: a Malibu-rigged 5″ Kinami Flash in Mad Melon with the tail tip dipped in the Spike-It. I casted out as far as I could to some submerged grass and worked it very slow. Several times I felt that cursory peck that the larger models tend to do, but I couldn’t entice a real strike. After a couple of more attempts that found very non-committal interest, I decided to doodle-dance the bait on the retrieve. Again, halfway back, I felt a pop. I twitched the bait one more time and felt a full pick-up. I lowered the boom … BANG! The fish immediately pulled off 20 feet of line on the hook set – I instantly knew it was a good fish. I worked her back within 20 feet of shore and she peeled off another 30 feet … back to where we started. She dove left, then right. I’m still not sure it’s a Bass at this point and I’m beginning to think it might be a big Kitty. I get her within 10 feet and she finally comes up for a head shake … it’s a MASSIVE Bass! … and then she peels off another 15 feet of line!! Finally, I get her to the bank and all but jump on what I’m sure is a new personal best Bass.
7-15 PB Bass

Many anglers would look at her and just say “10 pounder”. But, I could tell she was a little shy of double digits. After a quick bit of surgery, utilizing the gut-hook trick, I snap the pic and get her on the scale. It finally settled at 7 pounds 15 ounces … a new PB! Yeah, baby!! No time for length and girth measurements since she was still post-op. So, I revived her for a minute or two and she strongly swam away, ready to play another day.
I was so excited, I just had to call it a night right there and jam home to write this post up. It’s been a couple of hours now and I’m still jumping out of my shorts! And, I don’t expect the rush to end anytime soon. 😉

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2 Responses to There’s A New PB In The House

  1. mikeyb says:

    Epic Mark, simply EPIC!
    I will join you just as soon as I can get some time.
    Congrats on your new PB too.
    I think you just topped mine by a full lb.
    Rock n Roll UFC!

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