Cold Weather Colossus!

As soon as the Largemouth Bass spawn was about to break wide open in So Cal the weather turned absolutely nuts this week. It started on Sunday with a storm that dumped nearly 6″ of rain in our neighborhood … in one day! The winds were so intense dozens of mature trees snapped at the trunk!! Add in unseasonably cool temps and a few more days of rain and you knew the fish had to have been moved off the beds and back to the depths.
So, I wasn’t too confident about heading out for a session today. Originally, I was supposed to have a late afternoon hook-up with UFC stalwart “JRodda”. Unfortunately, family matters forced me to postpone our fishing adventure until tomorrow. However, I found myself with some free time in the middle of the day. I gave Mark “Chief” Torrez a call who is almost always game for a last minute outing.
We arrived to find air temps in the 50’s, a cool breeze, stained water and threatening skies. We searched for spawning beds as best we could with the diminished visuals, but all the ones we could find had long since been abandoned. We started looking for fish near the docks but couldn’t manage much until I nailed the first catch of the day … this freshwater clam! 😆
Freshwater Clam

Finally, while working my go-to Mad Melon Kinami Flash, I got picked up by a nice 3+ pound chunk (no pic). We couldn’t manage another bite there so we moved down to another nearby spot where I picked up a 4 pounder who was gut-hooked. So after some quick surgery, she was safely and quickly released without stopping for the paparazzi. Again, we couldn’t find any other players, so we headed to the other side of the lake.
On my first flip to a nearby dock I felt a slight tick on the drop. A couple of seconds later, she came back for the full inhale … BOOM! Big fish on!! After a couple of nice runs, jumps, and a protracted tug-o-war I lipped this 5-5 fatty.
5 Pound 5 Ounce Largemouth Bass

While I was repairing my bait, Chief finally got on the board with a 3+ pound bedder he found by somehow catching a glimpse of his tail through the dingy water (no pic). When my Kinami was ready to go again I skipped it under the dock and, again, on the sink got a solid picked up. I set the hook on another big fish. The way she battled I thought she was even bigger than the last fish, but she tipped the scales “only” at 4-12.
4 Pound 12 Ounce Largemouth Bass

We didn’t locate anymore takers and decided to move down the bank to the next set of docks. There, I found a ton of surface muck between the dock and the bank that had been blown in by the winds … some natural cover. I pitched the Kinami right to the edge of the dock an it squirmed in between it and the muck. A couple of twitches and it started to fall … BAM! This 4+ pounder slammed it and battled hard before relenting. That’s the muck he’s covered with.
4 Pound Bass

Chief nailed one more, a 5+ pounder on a drop-shot grub, that snapped his 6# test as he knelt down to lip her. Soon after, the rain started to fall once again, and we decided to call it a day. When I realized that, despite the conditions and recent deluge, I had managed a 21+ pound sack I was blown away. It just goes to show that you should never go out there with preconceived notions regarding your success. You just never know when you’re going to have a colossal day!

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