Sherwood Session

Made the short trek over to Lake Sherwood with UFCer JRodda (aka Jeremy) who was able to get us onto this beautiful private reserve. Wind was blowing intermittently from 0 to 30 MPH throughout the 2.5 hours we were there. We arrived just at sunset under clear skies and found the water temps to be still a bit cold … I’d estimate it at around 52°.
I vainly threw several different baits before picking up my trusty 5″ Kinami Flash in Mad Melon, Malibu-rigged. While the wind made it tough to fish that set-up, I noticed halfway through my second retrieve that my line was moving to the left even though there was still slack in the line. So, I reeled down and leaned back … BANG! First fish of the day – long but skinny.
First Bass Of The Day

Meanwhile, JR doesn’t get any love until he’s pulling a birdsnest out of his reel and gets hammered, but doesn’t connect. That was it for a bit so we moved down the bank near a concrete embankment. I pick up my customized Booyah Boogie and toss my first cast along side a shallow weed bed on the opposite bank. Only three cranks in … BOOM! My bait gets nailed by another lengthy but skinny fish.
Long Skinny Bass

Just as I throw this one back, I hear JR toss one back of his own. Unfortunately, he didn’t give me a shot at getting a shot. But, I know he took one himself, so maybe he’ll share it with the rest of us! 😉
I put in another three or four casts until I bump a submerged rock with my bait, about midway in the channel. Again, my Booyah gets inhaled (I just love the way the Bass attack that bait – nothing timid in that strike)! Though, this one is quite chunky. And, is it just me or does this fish look like a Spottie or Spot/LMB hybrid? I’ve always had my suspicions about the Bass population in this lake.
Hybrid Bass?

A few casts later, I get hung up on some other rocks in the channel and loose my beloved custom Booyah. 👿 Guess I’ll have to get busy making a new one in Cave’s Custom Shop. So, I pick up the Kinami again and quickly tie into another chunky model.
Chunky Bass

We were running low on time, so we headed to one more area of operation that has produced in the past. I farmed one on the hookset, but was still able to land two more keepers (that weren’t kept), one of which looked a lot like a Spotted Bass, as well. Neither was picture worthy, but all the fish caught ranged in the 2-3 pound class. We called it a day with 7 fish landed … a good count for cold water conditions on this lake. On the ride home, both of us looked forward to our next short trek to this Bass farm.

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