From Non-Sea To Shining Sea

In less than 24 hours, I fished with two new partners. One on Westlake, and the other from the surf in the Pacific Ocean. It started yesterday when I met up with UFCer Wonderbread (aka John) at my usual sweetwater hang.
It was sunny, very slight breeze, and about 65° when we began casting in the late afternoon. Fishing was slow, though Wonderbread got the action going when he T-rigged a Roboworm in a pattern I’d never seen before … Bait Ball. On his first cast with it he nailed a nice 2 pounder that he threw back before I could get a picture. On his very next cast, he hooked up again. But this one was a larger model that ended up snapping his 6# test.
Meanwhile, I couldn’t manage a bump. So, we moved down the bank to some other docks and, again, John hooks up on a monster only to get snapped off once more. No other takers were in the area, so again we moved – this time to the other side of the lake. Turned out to be a good move for me.
After fruitlessly pitching several different Malibu-rigged Senkos in the usual spots I opted for one of my customized Booyah Boogee baits. On a parallel cast just 20 feet out from shore, I got nailed by this nice 2.75 pound stick-fighter.
2.75 Pound Bass

Just a couple casts later, even closer in to shore, I get hammered! But, as I am fighting this pig, the anti-reverse bearing on my reel gives out and suddenly I am faced with a huge bird’s nest that won’t allow me to reel in any further. So, I hand the rod off to Wonderbread and I handline this 3.5 pounder into submission. Teamwork!
3.5 Pound Bass

I got one more bump on the custom Booyah and that was it despite throwing a bunch of different baits out there. But, it was great meeting John and I look forward to getting out on the water with him again soon.
Fast forward, to 6:30 this morning. I am driving to meet up with SCSFer Mxrobins, aka Mark (so glad to see that he spells the name correctly! ;)) who is going to show me one of the hot surf fishing spots in Ventura County. I haven’t done any fishing in the froth since we moved early last year and I’m really looking forward to getting some of the inside scoop on the area. However, conditions are anything but similar to last night, my car is getting blown all over the road! The winds are howling at 30 MPH with gusts to 50+!! And, it’s a sunny but chilly 50° before the wind chill. I pull up next to Mark’s car and we both get out shaking our heads at the conditions. After the introductions, we decide to head out there anyway since “the wind is at our backs … we should be able to cast a mile!”.
Before I could even make a cast, I had to take this shot of Mxrobins getting sandblasted on his first retrieve. Many people spend big bucks to get dermabrasion treatments that aren’t this thorough! 😆
Surf Fishing Sandblast

We threw everything in our bags at them but didn’t get much love. I got a couple of bumps on my 3.5 inch swimmie which I lost when my bail closed on a cast. Also, got a couple of Sand Crabs on a Kastmaster, including a giant 3 incher. But, the fish just wouldn’t hit the big baits. So, I switched over to a Carolina-rig with a 2″ Gulp Sandworm (aka Crack). I started getting some bumps and finally nailed my first saltwater fish in nearly a year … this 9″ Barred Surf Perch.

Mark also switched to a C-rig with a grub and had a small one self release. While I scored one more bait-sized BSP before we surendered to the wind that seemed to be getting stronger. It’s always great to get out there with someone new and also to get turned on to a new AO. I know Mark and I will be getting our lines wet together again soon.

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