Hangin’ With The Ladies

Three of them to be exact! My daughter, the Cavegirl, and these two curvaceous Largemouth Bass. We decided to go to Westlake for a 90 minute session while the weather was still so Spring-like in the middle of Winter. Things started out slow but then the bite turned on. I skipped a Senko under a boat and immediately got picked up. I set the hook and handed it off to my little partner. It was a total team effort as K-Rae (her street name ;)) held onto the pole for dear life with both hands while I did the reeling. This first one came in at 3.5 pounds.
3.5 Pound Bass

I then hooked into a huge fish that dove for the docks, wrapped me and snapped me. 😦 Also, missed one on the drop-shot. Went back to the same boat and skipped another bait underneath. After slowly working it back several feet I found another taker. Again, I handed off the rod and tag-teamed this chubby 4+ pound beauty.
4 Pound 5 Ounce Bass

Let me tell you, there’s nothing better than your kid screaming, “Dad! That’s a big one!! It’s a monster!!!” as you are fighting a fish together. 🙂 Well, there’s one thing better: your kid telling you that they love spending time with you. We made a few more fruitless casts and called it a day. A great day!

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