Sweet Score!

Made a quick 2 hour run to Westlake this afternoon to take advantage of the gorgeous sunny, 80°, windless day. Yeah, not usually the best Largemouth Bass fishing conditions. But, the run of warm weather was sure to be bringing the fish up into shallower water. So, I headed for some docks and went at it.
Tried a custom jig, a drop shot Roboworm, a crankbait and a custom Booyah Boogee Bait all to no avail. Then, I skipped a 4″ Kinami Flash in Mad Melon into a 6″ opening in the dock. It hopped in cleanly and almost instantly the line went tight. I snapped the rod back and tussled with this 2.5 pound skunk-buster.
Skunk-Buster Bass

No, I didn’t fall down. Just couldn’t set the camera on anything higher where I was fishing! 😉
Didn’t get anymore love at this dock. So, I moved down the bank to another spot. Again, I skipped my bait into a tight opening under the dock and immediately saw the line tighten and felt the pick up. I put down the hammer and the fight was on! This 4-2 brute had some serious shoulders and didn’t give in easily to this snapshot op.
4 Pound 2 Ounce LMB

That hawg also shook my bait off the line during the bout. I decided to move up a notch in size to a 5″ version. I moved to the other side of the dock and started casting to an open slip about halfway out. The first two casts didn’t quite make it all the way to the back of the slip, but the third one did. Just as it settled to the bottom, I gave it one little twitch and instantaneously got that tell tale pop. But, instead of a steady follow-up take away, this fish ferociously attacked it. I leaned back on the hookset … BOOM! BATTLE!!! Line started peeling off the reel as this beast tried to head under the dock. I quickly made tracks down the bank in the opposite direction to try and drag her out to more open water. Once there, we had a standoff for several minutes before I could start working this 5 pound 9 ounce beauty to shore on the 8# test Yo-Zuri Hybrid line.
5 Pound 9 Ounce Largemouth Bass

As you can see, I scuffed up my knee pretty good on the rocky shoreline trying to get a grip on her lip. But, after that tug-of-war, I didn’t care! I headed home to help the Cavekids with their baseball skills, giving the fishing Gods the “Yeah, baby!” fist pump the whole way!!

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