Homemade Ninja

Recently, I not only made a couple of Caveman Custom jigs, I also took an old beat up chatterbait-type of lure (Booyah Boogee) and revamped/customized it. I have been itching to give both a whirl.
Caveman Custom Baits

After an absolutely gorgeous MLK holiday filled with family visits and baseball/softball practices for the Cavekids, the Cavewoman suggested I get out for some post-sunset fishing and enjoy the unseasonably warm weather. Of course, I’d be crazy to say no, so I packed up my new baits and made tracks for Westlake. I arrived to find it still a comfortable 74° with clear moonlit skies, and a very slight breeze.
I decided to make the chatterbait the first offering. On the very first cast, I’m running it right behind some docked boats when suddenly it feels like it hit a brick wall … BOOM! I set the hook and begin a protracted battle with this stout 4-11 toad.
4 Pound 11 Ounce Largemouth Bass

A few casts later, the same bait got slammed again. BAM! A 3.5 pound fish gives me more of what I came for.
Big Bass

Next, I give the jig a go. On the second cast with it … POW! It gets completely inhaled by a nice 2.5 pound jumper.
2.5 Pound Jumping Bass

After a couple more non-committal bumps on the jig, I feel like the fish are getting a little less aggressive. So, I switch to a 4″ Senko in Daiquiri and skip it into an empty slip. Instantly, this 3-11 beast inhales it and tail dances her way to shore for a quick snapshot.
Tail Dancer Bass

A short while later, I’m working the Senko when I feel the telltale tap. But, instead of the usual follow-up gentle pick-up, the fish absolutely hammers the bait and almost yanks the rod from my hands. I re-grip it just in time to set the hook on another 4+ pound brute.
4+ Pound Brute Bass

I decide it’s time to go and pick up the chatterbait once more as I call “last cast”. About halfway back on the retrieve the bait, again, comes to a sudden halt and I lower the boom on one last fish … a 3 pound bruiser.
Last Cast Bass

I leave with a huge smile on my face. Nothing better than a first cast fish, a last cast fish, and a bunch of fish in between … most of which caught on homemade baits! Yeah, baby!!

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