The Hail Mary Works!

Was supposed to spend the day on Snata Barbara’s beautiful Lake Cachuma (Gesundheit!) with my fishing pal Rick “R2” Raives. Unfortunately, Rick had a family emergency and had to cancel last minute. Fortunately, another fishing buddy Mark “Chief” Torrez was available for a day of line wetting at Westlake.
Turned out to be a beautiful day with temps near 80°, slight breeze, and mostly sunny skies. We also saw a ton of fish staging near the retaining walls. But, none of them wanted to play. I had a shot at two of them, but whiffed on both. Chief didn’t even get a bump.
After several hours, we went to another local pond but didn’t see evidence of any fish still living there. Finally, after a fun time fishing, but not catching, Mark had to head home. I was going to make tracks for the ranch, as well. Last second, however, I decided to head back to Westlake to try one more spot. That fishing-Hail-Mary turned out to be the best decision I made all day!
On my fifth cast, I put a 5″ Kinami Flash in Mad Melon between two docked boats. I let it sink and started working it back slowly. As I did, my line started to tighten up and I thought that I had snagged one of the boats. But then the line kept tightening … it was a fish! BOOM!! I set the hook and battled this strong shouldered 3 pound hawg into submission.
Largemouth Bass 1

It felt good to rid myself of the stench of skunk. And, I wanted more! I started working the dock hard. I skipped my bait under another docked boat and felt a very faint tick followed by a full pick-up. I swung for the fences and connected with this stout 2.5 pound battler.
Largemouth Bass 2

I worked a couple of other boats while that spot settled and then skipped it back under the same boat. Sure enough, there was another 2+ pound brute ready to play tug of war.
Largemouth Bass 3

I made another couple of casts and called it a day. A great day!

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