First Fish (plural) of 2011!

Thanks to MikeyB, we got our new annual passes for Westlake today. Also, bought my 2011 California fishing license online, so I was all set to get my line wet for the first time this year.
I headed to the spot where I caught my last fish of 2010. Started tossing the same bait … a Malibu-rigged 4″ Kinami Flash in Mad Melon. I made a few pitches around the dock there and on my 5th one, to the exact same spot where I nailed that last fish, I got picked up as I worked it up over a small rock. The line tightened and I set the hook … BAM! Fish on … fish in!! The first of 2011!!!
First Fish of 2011

This pretty colored chunker tilted the digi-scale at 3 pounds 9 ounces, but fought more like a five pounder … great battle!
The next three hours went by too quickly even though there wasn’t even a bump. I enjoyed a fantastic sunset with all kinds of reds and purples highlighting the skies. I called “last cast” and flung a 5″ Senko in Daiquiri as far as I could. It was about halfway back in when I felt the tiniest tick. I let the line go limp and the fish came back for the kill. When the line loaded I swung for the fences and hooked up with another fighting brute. This one weighed in at 3-14 and put the capper on a great start to the New Fishing Year!
Second Fish Of 2011!

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