Holiday Haul

Holiday HaulHoliday shopping for me is very easy. When the Cavewoman asks what I want the answer is always “Fishing stuff!”. Though, “Cooking stuff” is always a good alternative, it’s the angling accouterment that makes me jump for joy like a five year-old getting the latest and greatest toy. And, this year, I did a whole lot of jumping!
Granted, I am relegated to ordering the stuff for myself so that the right items arrive for the big day. I just hand the unopened boxes to the Cavewoman as they arrive, usually accompanied by the sarcastic question “So, how much did I spend?” (her concerns, however, are quickly assuaged by the fact that I scour the web for the best prices and sales). But, that doesn’t lessen the excitement for me as I unwrap each gift with great anticipation, as if I had no idea what I was getting.
As you can see, I did quite well this year! This annual Holiday Haul included a new Bass Pro Shops XPS Xtreme spinning rod, a Daiwa Exceler 3000 spinning reel to go with it, several packs of assorted curly tail Roboworms, two packs of Kinami Falsh worms in Mad Melon, two packs of Yamamoto Senkos in Black Smoke Hologram, two Booyah Boogie Baits (one in white, one in black/blue), four packs of assorted Gamakatsu EWG hooks, some Spike-It worm die in chartreuse/garlic, BPS drop shot weights, BPS worm rattles, and one pack of Do-It Living Image silicone jig skirts in Burnt Pumpkin. Yeah, baby!
So, as I am arranging this incredible payload for the snapshot above, the Caveboy comes along and says, “Wow, Dad! We got a lot of stuff to go fishing with!!”. 😆 So, I guess I am sharing my new found booty with my little fishing buddy … which totally works for me! Anything to get him on the water with me!! He also wanted to have “a picture with all our new stuff!”. No prob, buddy … no prob! 😉
Holiday Haul & Caveboy

Hope your Holidays are everything you wished for!

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