Ninja Bingo!

Mark “Chief” Torrez and I slipped out for some Ninja-fishing action last night. The fishing definitely wasn’t prolific, but it was quite prodigious! We only managed 8 fish between us, but our best 5-fish sack was right around 15 pounds. All were Senko-type fish. Though, there was some serious topwater activity going on for a 30 minute stretch, they apparently didn’t like what we were throwing at them.
Even though we were catching some decent fish, we didn’t really feel any were picture worthy. However, we saved the best for last!
I tossed my Ninja-special colored Senko in front of a small patch of tullies. Just as I went to make the first twitch, I felt the line go heavy and spongy. I reeled down … BINGO! Huge fish on!! This brute even peeled off a couple runs of line before stopping to weigh in at five pounds eight ounces and pose for this pic:
Huge Largemouth Bass

As a friend of mine used to say, “Good times! Good times!!”

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