The Right Decision

Before beginning this post I want to apologize for my conspicuous absence recently. If you’d like to understand why I’ve been so scarce check out my post in the “Off Topic” section of the Unemployed Fishing Club. I am also working on one large post to sort of “catch up” on the catches I’ve had recently … definitely some culling coming!

Today, I found my self with an unencumbered 2 hours staring me in the face. Thus, began my quandary. Do I stick around the house and take down all the Halloween decorations? Or, do I head to Westlake to wet my line? Since the decorations were already a week past due, I figured “What’s another day?” 😉 Besides, it was cool and cloudy which, I hoped, would spur the bite.
When I arrived, I tossed a couple of buzz baits, a chatterbait, some sammies … all for nothing. I then worked some areas that are usually productive with a Senko and was still biteless. I was beginning to wonder if I had made the wrong decision to go fishing (though, we all know that even the worst day fishing is better than the best day taking down Halloween decorations! :lol:)
I decided to toss my bait out as far as I could to some deeper grass beds. I finally got my first bump! But no follow through. I kept working it deep and finally got my skunk-buster … a dink that wasn’t worthy of digging out the camera. I got one more bump and that seemed like that was going to be it.
I decided to work the other side of the dock for a few minutes before leaving. Though, as I took my first steps in that direction I thought I saw a shadow move under the near corner of the dock. I moved back a few steps, flipped the Senko behind the second boat and let the bait and line sink. With my rod tip submerged I moved toward the middle of the dock and started slowly dragging the bait under the dock. Sure enough, I got a telltale tap. When the fish committed, I leaned back and set the hook on this nice 3 pound battler:
Westlake Bass 1

After a quick release, I figured there might be another fish or two hanging under that dock. Especially since the fish I had just caught was in, what I call, the “Wolf Pack Class” – fish in the 3-5 pound range that travel in feeding groups. So, again, I flipped the bait parallel to the dock and dragged it back under. In almost the same spot I got another tap-tap … BOOM! Fish on!! This one was slightly bigger and had even better shoulders than the first one:
Westlake Bass 2

I tried a few more casts for nothing. So, I packed it up and headed home smiling about the best daytime session I have enjoyed in a while, and happy about making the right decision. 😉

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