Ninja Buzz

Last night, Mark “Chief” Torrez and I hit up one of our local Ninja spots for some hot and heavy Bass action. We arrived at about 10:30 pm and were on the water 15 minutes later under starry skies, with no wind and temps in the low 60’s. Just as we started to fish, the local gendarmes started cruising up and down the nearby boulevard shining their searchlights on our area of operation, looking for someone (not us, we presumed). Though, part of the the success of a Ninja fishing mission relies on one’s ability to be stealthy and not get caught up in any local dragnets that may be occurring. So, we spent the next 15 minutes laying low while officials searched for and, apparently, got their man (or woman). Nothing makes you feel more alive than hiding from “the man”! 😆
When the coast was clear I started tossing my secret night Ninja colored Senko. Several casts later I was rewarded with this chunker:
Ninja Buzz 1

If I don’t look too happy about that fish it’s because I wasn’t! Just one cast previous, I had hooked into a HUGE fish that was likely well in excess of 5 pounds. But, early in the battle, she wrapped me in some weeds and was able to snap my line well above the knot. My attitude quickly changed, however, when I decided to throw a Culprit Buzzkill in white with a white BPS Cajun Trailer and a Gamakatsu Trailer SP hook in red. On my third cast, this 4 pound beauty totally inhaled the bait – the first time I have ever seen a fish get gut-hooked on a buzzbait!:
Ninja Buzz 2

Yes, all my fish actually had tails, I’m just going to have to give my fishing partner a lesson in photographic framing! 😉
I nailed a couple more 2 pound class fish. One on the buzz and another on the Senko. Meanwhile, Chief had only scored a couple of dinks on a two different plastic baits when he asked me if I had any chatterbait-type lures in my tackle bag. Fortunately, I had a couple of Booyah Boogee baits with me, and I handed him one in Black/Blue Shadow. Boy, was that the right call! Just two casts in, he nails this sweet fatty:
Ninja Buzz 3

Then, this one!:
Ninja Buzz 4

Temps began to drop into the low 50’s, but the fishing just started to heat up. I scored a couple more on the Senko and then several more on the buzz including this 3+ pound hawg:
Ninja Buzz 5

Chief kept at it with the Booyah and kept getting nailed by 2 and 3 pound fish like this fat battler:
Ninja Buzz 6

Then, he landed his best beast of the night with this beautiful 4 pound classer:
Ninja Buzz 7

We just kept getting hammered and could have had even better numbers if several fish didn’t self-release before we got a chance to lip ’em. Even still, Chief ended up landing 11 fish (1 buzzbait, 2 soft plastics, 8 Booyah Boogee) and I got 13 to shore (4 Senko, 9 buzzbait). All in all, a great session under the stars with lots of quality fish. Plus, there’s nothing better than a hot buzz bite.

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