Ninja Pigs

It has been a very stressful week for my family and me. So, I was really in need of a fishing session to get my mind off of everything. When the family crashed last night, I headed out for a solo ninja session. I arrived a little after 10pm. It was 63°, no moon, no wind, and slime moss was everywhere on the pond.
I tried starting out with a buzzbait, but the moss was just too pervasive and I was cleaning it off the lure every cast. As it was, I was cleaning it off the Malibu-rigged Senko I went with nearly every cast, too. I finally found a little clearing near a water intake that was pumping it in full bore. I flipped the 4″ ninja-special colored Senko right into the wash and immediately felt a little tick. I reeled down and lowered the boom on this nice 2.5 pounder – my smallest of the night:
Ninja Pig 1

I thought this would be the start of some good things to come, but over the next 1.5 hours I only managed to get one little tap with no follow through. I circled the whole lake and made it back to where I had made my first casts. Again, I flipped it into a little opening in the moss and got picked up on the sink. BAM … I set the hook an this nice 4-2 battler:
Ninja Pig 2

I worked that area a bit more but got no love. So, I headed back to the intake and decided to hit a little stretch of the bank that I had skipped because I never had gotten any bites there before. Again, I flipped into a little clearing and got picked up right away. This 3-2 piggie had shoulders and some nicely colored fins to boot:
Ninja Pig 3

I moved back down to the intake itself and again flipped my bait into the wash. I dead-sticked it for a minute and then gave it a little shake. That was all it took as this 5-6 beast slammed the Senko and took me on a great ride for several minutes:
Ninja Pig 4

I reloaded with a new bait and flipped it right back into the same spot. I only worked the bait for about ten seconds when my line suddenly went heavy and spongy. You know what that means … set the hook HARD! Another hawg took me on another white knuckler. I finally lipped this 4-10 cow. I can only imagine what she’d have weighed if she had a full tail! ;):
Ninja Pig 5

I decided to call it a night right then and there. In just under 3 hours, I put together my best five-fish sack of the year: 19 pounds 9 ounces (all fish weighed on the digi-scale). To top it all off, I also saw several shooting stars – remnants of the Perseid Meteor shower that had peaked the night before. It was an incredible session … and just what I needed!

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